Troop 368 - Boy Scouts of America
Joining Troop 368 for a fun time!
This is where the FUN starts!
Why joining Boy Scout Troop 368 is joining a life of adventure.

If you are an Arrow-Of-Light or Webelos, or if you are just curious about Boy Scouts, read on...
For Boys

This isn't Cub Scouts!

If you want real adventure and a fun time hanging out with your friends, then Boy Scouts is for you! If you like mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, engineering, robotics, swimming, hiking, nature, stargazing, going to new places or just seeing cool stuff (all in your first year with us) then Boy Scouts if for you! If you like sleeping in a tent with your friends, building fires, playing manhunt, eating good food you cooked together, then Boy Scouts is for you! If you like hunting frogs in streams, watching raptors and learning about wildlife, Boy Scouts if for you!

The best bit is - Boy Scouts is run by boys just like you! If you want to go fossil hunting or ice climbing or skiing or anything else, then you get your friends to want do it too, and then it gets voted on by Scouts as a trip for the Troop.

When you're in high school, Boy Scouts kicks it up a couple of gears and you go on High Adventure Trips. SCUBA diving, sailing in the Bahamas, whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon, backpacking in New Mexico, spelunking, rainforest ziplining and shooting rapids - these are all things done by Troop 368 Scouts! When it comes to college applications, if you are an Eagle Scout this can make a huge difference and can earn you valuable scholarships. Best of all Boy Scouts makes you Prepared. For Life!

For Parents

Scouting encourages a well-rounded balance of activities, and your son doesn’t have to attend every Scouting event. Scouts progress at their own pace.

Scouts acquire life-skills, gain confidence and learn self-reliance in many areas that are just not available in the high school, the home or on the athletic field.

Scouts is a “leadership lab” for boys, imparting a depth and breadth of leadership and communication skills you just can’t learn any other place. Scouts find the leadership style that works for them, whatever their background and personality.

Scouting is boy-run. They are given real responsibilities to figure out and if things go awry they learn far more than if they had just been told what to do by an adult!

Scouting requires community service that many youth would not otherwise experience.

Scouts who earn the rank of Eagle Scout find that it opens doors for them in college and after. To earn Eagle, Scouts must manage a project for the community, with all that that entails. They must have held positions of leadership and explored many personal, sporting and academic areas through the merit badge program. “Eagle Scout” is an achievement that merits letters from present and past presidents and holders of high office, and survives on adult resumes well into their careers.

By the time your son is applying to college, he will find that Scouting has given him a rich resume of experience, service and achievement. College admissions like the well-rounded and in-depth extra-curricular achievements of Scouting.

Many colleges offer leadership scholarships, and there are a number of scholarships for Scouts, especially for Eagle Scouts.


The Sports Schedule

We get it. These days kids are doing so much. Just remember Scouting is as much who you are as what you do. It provides an escape from the school-sports hamster wheel, some space for kids to be kids! In Scouting nobody waits on the bench. Most Boy Scouts are active in sports, marching band, etc, because they see the peerless value in the Scouting program.

It's OK to be focused on a sport or another activity for part of the year. It's normal and doesn't prevent Scouts reaching Eagle.  


Just try it!

All we ask is that you try it!

If you are a graduating Arrow-of-Light Scout - CONGRATULATIONS! Try out our Tuesday evening Troop meetings at Mountain Park School, and come to a couple of campouts between your Bridging Ceremony and the summer. We think you'll like it enough to stick around.

If you are 11 years old or older and want to try it out, feel free to give it a try! Send us an email from the "contact us" link below.  


Scouts - you just can’t get this anywhere else!